Globe Worksets Control on Linked Model

Last week I talked about the Visibility Control of linked consultant’s model. Do you know you can control their Worksets visibility globally as well with a few simple steps. Why do we need to control the consultant model’s Workset?  A good example is the Grids and Levels in the project. You don’t want to see two sets of grids and level lines overlapping in the project. Turning them off will be a pain if you have to turn it off view by view. However, following the steps below, you can selectively load / unload Worksets you do / don’t need to see in your model.  If a Workset is Closed, all elements within that Workset will not be loaded, which means they will not become visible in any of your views.

Here are two Scenario:

Scenario 1:
This is the first time you linked in the model…

  1. Go to Insert tab > Link Revit


  1. Browse for the model, but instead of clicking Open, click the little down arrow next to it and select Specify…


  1. With the Manage Worksets window opened, select the appropriate Worksets you don’t want to see and click Close. Click OK when you are done. All elements from this Worksets will become invisible in every view in your model.



Scenario 2:
The consultant’s model already linked into your model…

  1. Go to Manage tab > Manage Links


  1. On the Revit tab, select the consultant’s model > click Manage Worksets located at the bottom of the window.


  1. Follow Step 3. in Scenario 1.

Note: Each firm has its own list of Worksets, it is better to have a coordination meeting with all the consultants before starting the model for better control of visibility on your side.  Knowing the elements that is placed in each Workset can help speed up your work flow.  It can easily become a nightmare if you are working on a large project with so many views in it.

Of course, other than using this trick, you can also setup View Templates to apply to your views.







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